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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

Bucky shouldn't be out of the hunt

CREATED Oct 25, 2011
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We’re out.

By shooting themselves in the foot… again… at Michigan State last weekend, the Badgers sealed their fate. Bucky is out of the running for a National Title in Football.

We could make the Rose Bowl, still. I’m including a few pics from this year’s trip to Pasadena. I rate it among the most amazing assignments I’ve ever had, and I’ve covered two Final Fours, the All-Star Game, and two Super Bowls. The Rose Bowl is truly special.

But it’s not a National Championship, and the fact that we’re not still in the mix is disappointing.

This is not, however, going to be another blog declaring that the BCS is unfair. This is an argument for making the system better… better for programs, fans, and the NCAA.

There’s a chance a 1-loss team may still compete for a Championship this year, but it certainly wasn’t going to be a 1-loss team from the Big Ten.

I’m not arguing fairness here. It just shouldn’t be seven games in, and my very good football team, that stumbled, is out of the race.

If the NFL played by the same standard, the Packers would have been eliminated from Super Bowl contention after losing to Miami and Washington early last season.

If MLB played by the same standard, St. Louis is not in the World Series right now, and really could have given up in August.

NBA lets virtually everyone into the playoffs… though I’m not certain “The Association” is a model for anything right now.

My point here is, however, that the aim ought to be to keep as many teams and as many fans engaged in the chase for a title as long as possible. I’m going to watch anyway, because I love Badger Football. That loss to the Spartans, though, means a ton of casual fans just dropped off the bandwagon. If they have to choose… they’ll be investing in green and gold before cardinal and white. They’re out.

Some playoff system that is more inclusive isn’t necessary… it’s just better.

Quick aside, I’m mad at Bucky. It’s the same frustration I felt with the Brewers not making the World Series. It’s not that we lost… it’s that we didn’t play well. Go into East Lansing and just get beat by a better team? Fine. Go there and trip all over yourselves… AGAIN… no good. 

Well, Bucky, let's win out and party in Pasadena again. Oh... and let's win this time.

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