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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

I "like" some politicians

CREATED Oct 24, 2011
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If we're “friends” on Facebook, or you “follow” me on Twitter, you'll see I “like” some politicians.

While some people in my line of work try to separate their personal social media from the their public, to me it's all out there. There's nothing I publish in this space or any other internet based content that I somehow view as private.

That said, you'll note that I follow political and at times controversial figures on twitter. I am friends with many on Facebook, and I have “liked” some of their pages on Facebook as well.

Please do not take any of this to be an endorsement, preference, or bias toward or against any person or cause.

I use social media in part to disseminate messages to viewers, listeners, and readers. This is not, however, a one way street. I also use SM as a journalistic tool. It helps me hear from people, including public figure.

For example, today I “liked” Newt Gingrich. Everyone in our newsroom is assigned candidates during election seasons. We're responsible for staying up to date on their campaigns and keeping the newsroom appraised of any major developments. So, the Speaker is my guy for the 2012.

So if you log on to my Facebook and see that I “like” Newt Gingrich, don't assume anything from it. Don't assume I do like him. Don't assume I don't. Just know I'm doing my job to stay as informed as possible about news makers.

You can “like” me too if you want.

Or you “friend”  me at

Follow me at

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