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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


CREATED Sep 29, 2011
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UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT: I tend to be a bit reactionary when it comes to my favorite sports teams.

It's all in how you deal with things, I guess. It's the mentality. Some people are positive thinkers. It's always going to be okay.

Others are pessimists. It's the end of the world every time.

I identify a bit more with the latter, than the former.

Of course, if you keep up with my blogs you know I was raised that way. My dad quit on the Brewers on opening day this year. Not opening day at Miller Park. THE opening day. The first game. One loss! Joe Vitrano... out for the season.

To clarify, that doesn't mean he stops loving the Brewers as he always has. It just means he stops believing in their success and to an extent stops following them.

I deviate from mi padre in that regard. Even when I'm convinced my team isn't going anywhere, I deny myself not a single moment. I'll watch the last 30 seconds of a 27-7 Packer loss... just 'cause that's my team.

That said, I do give up hope easily. Today I admit before all of you in Brewers Nation, I gave up hope before the season even started. That's the calendar snapshot. Yeah... that's me... on the record... from March 9.

It's the day we learned the new Brewers Ace Zack Greinke would miss his first several starts due to an injury he sustained playing pick-up basketball. Here's the reasoning. The Brewers invested so much in this guy whom I was concerned lacked the mental fitness to take us to the next level. Here's a guy getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, but he can't give up his basketball hobby for a few years to protect his body?

If that domino fell, I thought, so too could the others.

That domino did not fall. Greinke won 16 for the crew this year, and was unbeatable at home. He turned out to be solid as we'd hoped.

In fairness to me, it turned out we needed that. If my prediction for dude had come to fruition, our starting rotation would have been stressed to the point that I don't think we're in the playoffs.

So, I'll own it. I was wrong! I point out my failed prediction. Just like last year when I predicted the Packers would not make the playoffs and Mike McCarthy would be fired. Remember how that turned out?

Go Brewers!


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