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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

Behind the Scenes of TODAY

CREATED Jul 27, 2011
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NEW YORK  Susan Kim and I were thrilled to spend a couple hours behind the scenes on the TODAY Show in New York this month. Our story airs tonight on TODAY'S TMJ4 at 10:00.

True story. Ann invited me.

Right after Ann Curry was promoted to co-anchor, NBC set up satellite interviews with affiliates. While speaking with her, Ann said to me, "You need to come out here. Tell your news director to put you on plane so you can come visit."

Weeks later, there we are behind the scenes on the set of the TODAY Show, and Susan reminded Ann that she said that.

I told Ann it kind of felt like when you invite people to something you know they can't make. "Hey... too bad you're out of town this weekend, we'd have up to the lake."

Only this time those people said, "Oh, we can change our plans! What time do you want us there?"

Ann got a good laugh out of that, and assured us that we were quite welcome. As she's been every time I've spoken with her, she was genuine and a great interview. Matt Lauer was engaging and funny. Both were candid, honest, and shared fascinating insight. We got some time with Al Roker and Natalie Morales as well.

Ever wonder how far it is from the outdoor Plaza to the indoor studio? How big is that studio anyway? How do these guys end up on the scene of breaking news stories so quickly? These questions and more answered in our special tonight at 10. We had total access. There is nothing we asked to see that we didn't get to see. I promise you'll learn things about TODAY you never knew before.

If you can't wait, I have more pictures on my facebook page

Here's a piece I shot on my phone while there.

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