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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

Crunchy Snacks Mostly Eaten, Put Back

CREATED Jun 24, 2011
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GREENDALE  A box of Better Cheddar snacks was devoured almost in its entirety, Tuesday, with the nearly empty box placed back on the shelf.

Greendale resident Vince Vitrano discovered the box while hoping to enjoy some of the cheesy, crunchy goodies for himself. "I open the box, which I thought was barely touched," Vitrano explained. "There's like, nothing in there. Nothing!"

In fact, an inspection of the box revealed 5 complete Better Cheddar crackers, several partial crackers, and some residual crumbs.

"I mean, somebody enjoyed it, that's cool," Vitrano continued. "But if you're going to eat almost the whole box, why not just eat the whole box. And don't tease me by putting back a few busted crackers and some crumbs! Just finish it already!"

Vitrano did not want to discuss possible suspects in the eating incident. A check of house records reveals Vitrano's younger sister, Emily, had been there earlier in the day to babysit the children of the house.

Emily Vitrano could not be reached for comment.

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