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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

I didn't quit. I'm just not here.

CREATED Jun 10, 2011
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As people are prone to do, when someone they're used to seeing is not on T.V. for a few days they begin wondering what's happened.

Even my own mother wonders where I am when she turns on Daybreak and I'm not there. "Sometimes, mom, they do allow me a day off," I tell her.

In an effort to spare my co-workers from emails, phone calls, and other questions concerning my whereabouts, I announce to you I will be on vacation next week. I'm not going on vacation. I'll just be on vacation. Kids are still little and money is still tight and who wants to leave here in summer anyway? Now's the best time to be close to home with so much going on.

The picture is from a last year Zoo trip with the kids. That's certainly on the agenda. Our oldest turns 6 on Sunday, and there will be large scale festivities at our residence including copious amounts of Klement's Sausage and beverages by Leinenkugel's.

My dad also wants to take the boy on a real train ride. I suggested we go to Kenosha, hop on the METRA for a couple bucks, get an ice cream in Lake Forest and head home. I mean the kid is not even 4. He just wants to ride the train. Of course, since it's my dad, he wants to take the Amtrak to Chicago, visit the Aquarium and all that jazz, and make a long and expensive day of it. Either way, we're going to ride a train, I guess.

Storm Team Forecaster Michael Fish is getting married on 18th, so I'll attend that affair. I'm not usually a big fan of weddings (I mean I'm for people having them. I just mean, they're often pretty lame to attend). This one, however, just might be a real good party.

Speaking of weddings, it will be 12 years for my wife and me on the 19th. Of course that will get lost in the wedding shuffle and the fact that it's also Father's Day. I expect to take my dad to brunch in the early part of the day, and spend the latter part of the day being bothered by my own children.

There will be some golf in there as well. Hoping for three rounds including two charity outings and one just for fun. The latter is with Susan's husband Patrick and friends I met through them. My host, Tommy Korkos is one of of the greatest guys you could meet, and it's an awesome event at Blue Mound Golf and Country Club. Here's last year's pic. That's Korkos on the far right. Patrick in the green. Brian Butler on the left. Hoping for an equally styling picture this year, with better results in the competition.

So there. That's where I'll be for the next few days. I'm sure you'll have no trouble enjoying Daybreak without me. Please miss me just a little bit though, and I'll see you soon.



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