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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

Corny contest may be for you...

CREATED May 26, 2011 - UPDATED: May 26, 2011
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I would no sooner challenge Prince Fielder to a home run hitting contest, than I would accept Mr. Roy Reiman’s Corn Challenge.

I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know Roy (he won’t let me call him Mr. Reiman) over the last year. He’s the Iowa farm kid who built a publishing empire in Greendale, Wisconsin. He brought you such favorites as Taste of Home and Country Living.

If you know his magazines, then you know this contest is right up his alley. The Greendale Tall Corn Contest is underway.

Apparently Mr. Reiman… er… Roy… got a hold of some super corn seed from Brazil. It’s famous for growing 2 story corn stalks, like the one in the photo. Here’s the game. You get the seeds. You plant ‘em. You grow ‘em. You take pictures. You’re in the contest.

“Contestants will be asked to simply measure their tallest stalk on October 1st,” according to the official release. “Then bring a photo and measured height to the Greendale Visitor Center by October 8th.”

Pretty simple. Tallest corn wins! That’s the only rule. Contestants are encouraged to use whatever crazy feeding, fertilizing, growth encouraging methods they can.

They’re selling the seeds for a buck at the Greendale Visitor Center. They say the one dollar packet will produce four to six stalks. Please don’t take these for official rules. I’ve relayed the basics, but you’ll want to learn more when you stop by and visit beautiful Greendale.

Now, few would accuse me of being the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m no fool either. When Roy invited me to take part in a friendly challenge between the two of us, I was honored, and immediately inclined to say, “no thanks.”

Like I said, a guy who grew up on a farm in Iowa in a corn growing contest vs. a Milwaukee suburbanite who’s only visits to the farm were on field trips with Wilson Elementary School in Wauwatosa. That is not a fair fight.

The good news is for all of you, I don’t think you have to beat Roy Reiman to win. But I’d love to know if you enter, and how you’re doing. So send me pictures and I’ll share them on facebook and twitter. Happy planting.

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