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Go ahead and laugh, but last year Ella picked Butler to win it all.

I'm constantly trying to find ways to get the kids interested in the things I'm interested in. I figure, if I tell them winning picks will get them a new pair of shoes, they might get excited about the NCAA Tournament.

Every year I sit them all down, and go through match-up by match-up. "Do you want Wisconsin or Belmont? Do you want this team or that team?"The method often yields interesting choices.  

Oh, by the way, if you have little girls, the picture of young Olivia makes perfect sense. If you don't, you may wonder why a 3 1/2 year old child is wearing a princess dress and sunglasses at 6:30 at night at the kitchen table. Like I said, if you have little girls...

So, here are a few highlights from the kids' choices this year:

3 1/2 year old Max couldn't have been less interested. We had to go at him twice to get his picks finished. Not a lot of people probably have Alabama State knocking off The Ohio State University in the first round. I appreciate the boy disrespecting the Buckeyes though. I also appreciate that he's picked the Badgers to win... beating Penn State. Eeech.

Almost 6 years old now, Ella took it most seriously. She's coming off her run last year where she could have won most pools if the final had turned out differently. The kid picked Butler, as I said. Now, she picked the Bulldogs... cause BUT-ler has BUTT in it. Hilarious. Well, whatever, it worked. Joke was on us. BUT-ler kept winning, and I regretted more and more each round that I hadn't submitted her bracket in the contest.

Ella's final four includes Marquette and Wisconsin, Notre Dame and San Diego State. MU and UW in the final, and this one picked the Golden Eagles. At least I rubbed off a little home love on these kids. That's cool.

Here's how things went with Olivia.

DAD: Olivia. Olivia. Kansas or Boston U?

OLIVIA: Dad, is this the last one?

DAD: No Liv. Boston U, or Kansas?

OLIVIA: Then are we done?

DAD: No, LIV... just... which one do you want?

OLIVIA: What are they?

DAD: Kansas and Boston U.

OLIVIA: Then are we done?

So eventually we got through it. How about this? Kid's got Kentucky, Texas, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin in the final four? KU over ND? Equally as likely as BUT-ler going all the way, right? 

At 10 bucks a pop for the office pool... errrr... donation for charitable causes, I decided to pick one of the kids to enter. Livvy... it's your year. My wife's got Pitt over Duke, incidentally.

I don't know who I have, and really what's it matter? When a 5 year old picking the team with BUTT in it almost wins the office pool... what chance do any of us have?

Pics of all the kids in the selection process on the FB


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