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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I asked for a dialog and I got one.

Thank you to all of you who have shared your perspectives our coverage of the budget battle in Madison. Specifically, I began a dialog concerning our use of the title, "Capitol Chaos," for our coverage. Below are more of your thoughts for and against, followed by further clarification from our newsroom management.

Daniel VIA TWITTER: Chaos is what is happening in Libya, not Madison. Chaos gives the impression that there is no order or control.

Kathy VIA TWITTER: Capitol Chaos is the most appropriate term! If not . . . How about "Capitol Circus"?

Jake VIA TWITTER: it really is way over-the-top. Peaceful protests can hardly be branded as 'chaos'. Sad. But I still enjoy you.

Frank VIA TWITTER: It's not surprising to see it's management responsible for the political slant. Worker's rights as chaos.

Calvin VIA TWITTER: Chaos! When you have paid Senators hiding, thousands of protesters, crazy Dr's handing out notes and a Camel slipping on ice!

Dwellephant VIA TWITTER: You could maintain both fairness AND accuracy with other, better words.

Sara VIA TWITTER: Like "Rally for Rights"? That's not a fair assessment either. I can't get there to conduct business. Chaos!

Jane VIA TWITTER: "Capitol Chaos" isn't fitting for a nonviolent rally with no arrests.

Greg VIA TWITTER: How about "Protests over Budget Bill". Accurate, fair, balanced

Greg VIA FACEBOOK: sence you have decided to continue using Capitol Chaos I have decided to not use you as a news

Lyndsie VIA FACEBOOK: This is why you're one of the best! Dedicated journalist. :)

Chad VIA FACEBOOK: What about those who don't believe in the Rally for Rights? That certainly bends it toward those on the left. It's a rally. Plain and simple. There are those on both sides who both feel very strongly.

Sonja VIA FACEBOOK: Regardless of where you fall on the issue at hand, I feel as though you cannot rely on local news for an accurate depiction of what is really happening in Madison. I went there myself so I could see what was going on. Hardly chaotic.

Frank VIA FACEBOOK: It's "Control vs. Kaos" or good vs. evil. Your management labeled them Chaos as in Kaos as in bad guys. Plain & simple. So no it is not neutral just because they say it is so. But then that's what management does isn't it?

Malcom VIA FACEBOOK: Tough issue. But I think chaos is a loaded term. Chaos is defined in my dictionary as disorder and confusion, and disorder is defined as the disruption of peaceful and law abiding behavior. But even on Saturday, no arrests were reported. I'd like another term, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

Dave VIA FACEBOOK: I personally don't find it offensive. It is a very neutral term so long as long as you are not deeply entrenched in the situation and read into the word beyond it's intended meaning. Chaos is nothing more than disarray or lack of order. I think both apply, and besides, is always a nice touch.

Kara VIA FACEBOOK: I can understand your bosses explanation. If you use Rally for Rights, its can be perceived as being for the union/democratic side vs using Chaos which can be penned for both sides...

As promised, I continue to pass all of these comments on to my management team, and they continue to offer more perspective on why they picked “Capitol Chaos,” and why they’re sticking with it.

One of my Assistant News Directors, Diane Irving, asked me to stress that the title is not meant to focus only on the protesters, but an all encompassing description of what’s going on.

I’ll let Ms. Irving tell it, “It’s about the protests, the dems on the run, the Senate passing other bills while they’re gone, and the assembly dems trying to do everything they can to stall the process. Talk show hosts are bringing in camels.”

So there you go. I expect reaction to this to continue, and I’m trying to provide a forum for folks on both sides to express their thoughts. I will continue to bring any concerns you have to our management, and pass on their explanations.

As I stated in my previous blog, we are trying very hard to be balanced as we present every development of this story. We recognize people are heavily, emotionally invested in their reactions. We’re trying to be sensitive, and fair.

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