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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Funny trumps wrong, but only 98% of the time.

My old pal John Mercure and I were executing a perfect prank against Vice President of News and News Director Bill Berra. To be clear... this dude could fire me. I'm not sure he could fire John anymore since he's on the radio, but he certainly could whack me without batting an eye. He could also whack our boy Chris Jackson who helped out.

There have been these boxes in the hallway here for days... and I don't know why... but it occurred to John and me at the same time to stack them in Bill's office while he was out. We thought it was quite funny.

Poor Nicole, however, who is our Newsroom Administrative Assistant... did not think it was as funny as we thought it was.

See, Bill coming back to the office and being angry about not be able to get to his desk was going to become Nicole's problem. Nicole, an innocent bystander (and one of my favorite people in the newsroom) did not deserve the potential negative repercussions our actions could have brought on her.

This unfortunately pushed the otherwise funny prank... into the 2% danger zone. Thus, with great reluctance, Mercure and I (with some help from John's radio producer Armen) cleaned it up before the prank was ever realized.

For the record... it would have been funny. And Mr. Berra... you're lucky you hired such a cool lady like Nicole!

More pictures of the operation



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