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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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MILWAUKEE  Honoring a pledge to pay out for the usage of a certain term in live reporting, TODAY'S TMJ4 News Anchor Vince Vitrano reimbursed Reporter Jay Olstad for the purchase of two donuts. The exchange happened this morning in the news room of the NBC affiliated station in Milwaukee.

"I told him I'd pay to hear the term 'nor'easter' and I did," Vitrano stated after giving Olstad two dollars. "If you look at the agreement, I way overpaid," Vitrano continued, "but it was worth it."

"I don't even know how this came up," said Oldstad in an interview. "I'm just trying to do my weather story about the situation out East, and Vitrano starts in on 'nor'easter... nor'easter,'" Olstad explained.  "It was like, 4:23 in the morning, and the guy keeps yelling, 'nor'easter!'"

Olstad claims Vitrano then offered him money for every time he used the term on the air, a claim Vitrano does not dispute.

"Yeah. I thought I was clear about that," Vitrano stated, now appearing agitated. "I told him I'd give him a nickel per usage on live television. I wanted to hear the word... a lot." 

A review of the two hour "Live at Daybreak" broadcast shows Olstad said "nor'easter" seven times in five live reports.

"To be honest, I was pretty disappointed," Vitrano admitted. "I mean, I saw numerous opportunities where Jay could have reinserted the word seamlessly in his reports. He could have made 50 cents, but ended up with a mere 35. He went 0-fer the 5:30! Nothing!"

"0-fer," is a term often used in sports. It's short for "oh, for" meaning zero for some number of attempts. In other words, Olstad did not use the term "nor'easter" anywhere in his 5:30 AM report.

Vitrano personally kept a running tally throughout the morning.

Asked for her reaction, Anchor Diane Pathieu claimed she was aware of the pledge and ultimately the pay out, but did not participate.

Reached on the phone later in the morning, Road Warrior Traffic Reporter Caitlin Morrall seemed annoyed by the questions. "I don't know what those two donkeys were up to," Morrall replied. "I just  talk about the cars."

After the broadcast Vitrano offered to pick up the tab for a donut purchase, adding to the cost of the payout, provided Olstad also purchased a donut for him.

"And I suggest he probably made another buck beyond that... since I paid him out with two singles," Vitrano explained.



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