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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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"I think Milwaukee is the only place you can overhear someone on the phone at work saying, 'Hello. I'd like to order some sausage.'"

This statement uttered by my buddy Jay Olstad the other day. Don't hold it against him, but he's from Minnesota.

I was on the phone with Klement's, as I am a few times a year, ordering Polish sausage. Polish, you ask? Most people don't know I'm a typical Milwaukee Mutt. I've got as much Majkowski in me as I do Vitrano.

Had a ton of family over for the twins' birthday party this weekend. Especially for larger gatherings, ordering from the plant on Milwaukee's South Side is the only way to go. I love getting fresh sausage from where it's born, not to mention it's cheaper.

We all have our own methods of preparing sausage. I like the pre-cook myself. I bring 'em to a boil in beer, and let 'em simmer for almost an hour. All I've got to do on the grill then, is brown them up, and they're perfect. 

Piggly Wiggly guy on the Brewers games touts the grill first... boil second method for sausage. I'd like to try it sometime, but it's not feasible with the size of crowd I had.

Served with grilled peppers, mayonnaise, brown mustard (Koops in this case. Mustard Girl is awesome too) on a fresh bun from Canfora Bakery, also on Milwaukee's South Side.

The Klement's Polish is my favorite sausage in the world, but I'm a big fan of many others as well.

If it's brats, I'm going Usinger's. They've got a great shop on Old World Third Street with good deals and fresh wurst. That brat's gotta have hot sauerkraut and if you have some, Secret Stadium Sauce.

Italian sausage I usually go small shops. Glroioso's on Brady, Groppi's in Bay View, or Ray's Butcher Shop in Greenfield Tough to pick a winner there... so I don't. I spread it around. Same deal there as the Polish. Peppers are a must and a fresh bakery bun. If you're on the East Side, Peter Sciortino's is good for that. Pick up some cannoli while you're there. I'm lucky to now have National Bakery in downtown Greendale, that has great rolls too.

Not to leave anybody out, while up in Elkahrt Lake this summer, I enjoyed fresh Johnsonville brats as well.

Join the conversation. Post your sausage favorites for purchase, preparation, and presentation. In other words, where do you get 'em, how do you cook 'em, and what do you put on 'em.

Man I love living here. On Wisconsin!

Oh, and in case you missed it... Abe Froman? Sausage King of Chicago? Ferris Bueller's Day Off.




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