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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

The good news!

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  • Fighting Childhood Cancer

    Once again, it did not disappoint. The Women For MACC Couture for a Cure luncheon was a huge success! Everyone raved about the fashion show, which every year features beautiful models in beautiful outfits from the Boston store. But the most poignant part, was getting a chance to meet a ten year old girl, who his hopes to start her last round of cancer treatments today.

  • Remembering a Colleague

    Sad news for many of us here at Today’s TMJ4. We discovered that a man who could be called a gentle giant passed away this weekend. Fred Buchanan was an engineer here for 35 years. He was tall, stately, and mild-mannered. Fred was one of the few people everyone liked. He was one of the nicest men I have ever met.

  • From drug dealing to children playing

    Imagine a park that was once the sight of drinking and drug dealing replaced with the sounds of kids playing. That's just part of the transformation that has taken place at 29th and Melvina.

  • Packers star helps tackle a killer

    Coming up in a few weeks, Positively Milwaukee will be telling you about a local woman on a mission to combat an aggressive type of breast cancer.

  • Brewers Winning Cardinal Fans?

    I guess you know the Brewers are hot when you go to St. Louis and hear people raving about the Brewers. That's what happened when I went to visit my parents this past weekend. They live in the St. Louis metro area. I was in a gas station and a couple saw our Wisconsin plates. And no, they did not want to talk about the Packers. They were all about the Brewers. Amazing what a winning season will do!

  • Is it too much to ask for some manners behind the wheel?

    Is it me? Or have manners hit a road block when we are behind the wheel these days? How many times while driving do you let another driver go ahead of you? It seems only natural to return the courtesy with a friendly wave of appreciation. Why do so many people fail or forget! Is it asking too much for what Jerry Seinfeld once termed the "thank you wave?"

  • Elkhorn’s Got Talent

    Let's everyone get ready to watch and vote on “America's Got Talent” next week. Elkhorn's own Smage brothers are exciting to watch. We featured them on Live at 10, and they are finalists on "America's Got Talent."

  • Mob Attacks and Social Media

    Concerned Citizen Responds

    Though Chief Ed Flynn says there is no evidence of social media organizing the attacks, this has become a problem all over the country.

  • Solution to Mob Attacks

    State Fair Sadness

    After the reports of the attacks at State Fair, it's hard not to feel anything but sadness. Sadness for the victims, the city, and for our state. The actions of a few will paint a negative picture for years to come. But I have the solution.

  • Hunger Book Sale

    All Saints' Cathedral

    If you love literature or have a passion for the printed word, don't miss the Hunger Book Sale at All Saints' Cathedral this week.

  • Helping Dahmer Victims

    How many times have you been out of town, and told someone you were from Milwaukee?

  • Positive Hip Hop


    This e mail comes from a Positively Milwaukee Alum Jennifer Torres. She uses her talents to help young people in a positive way. Torres asked that I help get the word out, so here it is!

  • FPO

    Black & White Ball

    Definitely Positively Milwaukee

    Let's face it, few of us in Wisconsin miss a chance to meet and greet a Packers Super Bowl superstar.

  • Supporting Alopecia Areata Patients

    Move over Katy Perry

  • Go Greendale Panthers!!!

    A Winning Team

    A reminder, you can still enjoy football this weekend and while helping an injured child.

  • Goodwill to the Community

    Wisconsin Coalition of Asian Indian Organizations

    One of the best parts about my job is discovering the wonderful organizations that do a lot to help others, but do not always get accolades.

  • Grafton Help

    An inspiring story from Grafton will be re-broadcast this weekend on Dateline NBC. Neil Willenson, Vice President at Kapco Incorporated sent this reminder. If you happened to miss this wonderful report the first time it was out, now is your chance. Warning, tears may flow. Here are the details!

  • Positively Milwaukee: Possible Help for Injured Child

    If you watch Positively Milwaukee you probably remember a family whose young son was paralyzed by a driver who was texting while driving.

  • Osama Bin Laden Death Reflection

    Another Big Story

    Isn't it amazing how quickly the news landscape shifts?

  • "Where's Spring?"

    Chances are you are ready for Spring! Baseball is back, the days are longer, and we are still forced to wear jackets. But one sight I find amusing. Those people who force the issue cold or not. You've seen them. They walk around in shorts and tank tops even though the temperatures are hovering in the 30's. You have to admire their courage and stamina. As much as I would like to lose the coat, yesterday it got so nippy that I threw in my gloves for good measure. And good thing. By the time my news day was finished, I sat in my vehicle bundled up for dear life. But, it's good to have a sense of humor about the weather. I just laugh about the fact that Wisconsin springs are stubborn. They come around when they darn well please. This year it will probably be around July.

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