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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

The good news!

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  • Winter Thoughts

    You know it's a cold winter when we are applauding the arrival of 30's. But something fascinating is about to happen. There's a chance we could reach 40 degrees next week.

  • Brett Favre Lesson

    Brett Favre is now officially gone. This time no tears, no press conference, just a comment by phone. So this can put closure on the entire Favre saga over the past year. Everyone has an opinion. But, even the most ardent Favre fans know it's time to move on. Favre now has to find a new passion. Obviously, it won't be easy. But in these hard times, most of us would give anything to face his dilemma. Brett Favre once said in an interview that he first thought it would be easy to win another Super Bowl. He was naive, and thought it would happen again. But later he realized the difficulty of his original feat. Perhaps now, he will be able to sit back and reflect on his accomplishments. Hopefully Brett Favre can enjoy life and hold on to the memories. It's a reminder to all of us, that nothing lasts forever. And when the special moments arrive, we need to seize them, savor them, and not take them for granted. They may never come again.

  • Offer for Octuplet Mom

    I know there's no shortage of criticism of the mother of the octuplets. It's certainly warranted. Of course, it's hard to understand how an unemployed single mother, would put herself and her parents through raising 14 children. Much has been said about her mental state, the doctor's irresponsibility, her use of public aid, and the sheer shock of it all. But like it or not, these children are here. And for the sake of humanity the babies deserve some help. That's why I found the offer by attorney Gloria Allred intriguing. Allred, along with a non-profit charity called "Angels in Waiting" have offered Nadya Suleman around the clock baby-sitting, nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a home. Taxpayer funds would not be used. Hopefully this maligned mother of the octuplets will accept. The family's home is in foreclosure, and these babies need help. This would be the best solution to a challenging situation. As unthinkable, and irresponsible it seems, we still should not forget, that a lot of children's lives are at stake. They did not ask to be born, and are not responsible for how they came into the world. Angry people should not take a mother's bad decision out on the babies. Hopefully, something can be done, to give these children, the chance they deserve.

  • A Lesson to Remember

    Every once in a while, your day is brightened unexpectedly. Today some students from Milwaukee's Golda Meir School took a tour of the station. It's a school for gifted and talented students of diverse backgrounds. It was fun to see these young students excited about going behind the scenes. My co-anchor Mike Jacob's hosted the tour and I got the chance to talk with the young ladies about our jobs. They were so adorable. Suddenly, it took me back to my days as a teacher, a job I truly miss. Seeing young people filled with promise of the future, and an eagerness to learn is a thing of beauty. Often as we get older, we forget to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We're too busy, too stressed, too tired. I'm convinced all adults should try to see the world through the eyes of the young. After meeting with these lovely young ladies and their dedicated teacher and chaperones, it hit me. The enthusiasm of youth is something to hold sacred. But does it have to go away as we get older? I honestly do not think so. Some of the most amazing people I have met in my Positively Milwaukee interviews approach living with a childlike wonderment. That spirit that keeps them vibrant, young, and passionate. Thank you students from Golda Meir. Today you reminded me of an important life lesson. You taught me.

  • Conan O'Brien's Visit to the Station

    Sometimes when you meet celebrities in person, they standoffish and aloof. But that certainly could not be said of Conan O'Brien.

  • Melodie Wilson's Life Lesson

    It's been said that life is not what you take but what you leave behind. Former TMJ4 anchor Melodie Wilson leaves a lot as she battles for survival.

  • Picture of the Week

    OK here's my favorite photo this week. Who says animals cannot communicate.

  • Mystery Flowers Solved

    I am happy to report that the dilemma was solved. As I mentioned in my last blog, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association honored my Positively Milwaukee Special with a 1st place award for Excellence. And I got a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers with a card that said "Congratulations," and, "Guess Who." I had a list of people, but I certainly did not want to be presumptuous. So I was hoping the person would turn up. Well she did. They came from a lovely woman featured in Positively Milwaukee awhile back. So I would like to publicly thank Emily Liban is from Wauwatosa. Emily endured a horrible childhood of abuse. But she broke that cycle, and is a loving and compassionate mother and grandmother. Her hobby these days is creating artwork through cross-stitching. She's always busy capturing some of the beautiful monuments in Milwaukee. Liban has won numerous awards for her work. People like Emily are the reason I love my job. I meet so many wonderful people who are giving and kind. Many, like Emily have overcome great odds. They give of themselves, and lift souls, and their spirit makes our planet better. The flowers came in a cute little smiley cup. It will stay on my desk as a reminder of you, and a lovely person who always makes me smile.

  • Going Ape

    OK...sometimes you find you just need a bit of levity when it comes to the news. And this story just makes me laugh.

  • Remembering a Hero

    One of the highlights of my week was a trip to Caledonia. There I interviewed a man whose Marine son died in Iraq.

  • I Love Farmer's Markets

    Are you as excited about shopping at farmer's markets as I am?

  • It's Festival Season

    It's the festival season, and hopefully we can enjoy a safe and fun season.

  • A Father's Prayer

    I received this e-mail letter from a father whose son is serving in Afghanistan.

  • Remembering Michael Jackson

    I guess after the death of Michael Jackson, many are thinking about Michael Jackson memories.

  • Thanks D.J.

    I feel so lucky to be able to interview people for Positively Milwaukee.

  • Fall in Milwaukee

    We are now heading into my favorite time of the year. I love fall. The color of the sky, the crisp autumn air, and even the gray gloomy days.

  • A Child's Goodbye

    Here's a picture that will get your right in the heart. This 4-year-old child is hanging onto her dad. She did not want to let go, even though he was in formation as he was about to be deployed.

  • She's Still Capturing Hearts!!

    I have an update on that touching picture I showed you in my last blog.

    The cute 4-year-old who would not let go of her father's hand. He was about to be deployed. Well, the family has gotten calls from all over the country. The little girl got to talk to her dad by phone. It's so cute to see the little girl hug the phone. Here's the story we aired on Live at 5.

  • Not So Positive Parenting

    Balloon Boy Case

  • Fall Back

    Hello Darkness

    Those who know me, know I love fall.

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