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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

The good news!

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  • Carrying the Olympic Torch

  • Teens Girls Take on the Fashion World

    Let's here it for some smart young women who are igniting change. They refuse to be bullied by Madison Avenue. They are calling for truth and reality to help save young women from unreal expectations of beauty. The group called Spark a Movement held a mock fashion show in Times Square to promote positive body images for teens.

  • Waukesha's Biggest Loser

  • American Pride

    I recently stopped an impressive company in Sheboygan County. Dutchland Plastics is a family owned business with a simple philosophy. Treat people like you want to be treated. The owners of Dutchland believe that people matter and deserve respect. They tell me their employees are as important as they are. It's a refreshing in this age where many feel entitled for no particular reason.

  • Reeling in Success

  • Combating Poverty in Milwaukee

    Statistics show Milwaukee is the 4th poorest big city in the nation. 44 percent of children live in a family where no parent has full-time annual employment. Such alarming statistics must be addressed. That puts thousands of lives in jeopardy every year. Where do people turn when they are living in or on the edge of poverty?

  • Positive News at MPS

    We often report on fights and altercations at MPS. Often lost in the translation, the days of peace where there are no fights. Times where are learning and getting a good education. The success stories are there. But they often do not get the press.

  • We are the Drum

    If you want to see some of the best talent Milwaukee has to offer, check out "We are the Drum". It's an inspirational show that pays tribute to Milwaukee's Civil Rights Pioneers. I stopped by a rehearsal recently at North Division High School. I was amazed at the wealth of talent! I will feature the show in an upcoming Positively Milwaukee soon. If you are looking to be inspired, don't miss "We Are the Drum." It's the positive side of MPS and our city that often gets ignored. Here's the press release for more information.

  • The Top Ten Reasons I Miss Winter

    10. Not enjoying that beautiful fresh fallen layer of white against a bright blue sky 9. Not being forced to remember gloves and mittens. 8. Not being on the air continuously in Storm Team 4 and blizzard mode. 7 Not seeing those who make a living from the snow, reaping their rewards. 6. Not hearing endless complaints about winter. 5. Not being able to wear my new boots I bought at Boston store on Black Friday. 4. Not driving so slow people give me the...well you know. 3. Not being able to announce that many Bingo games canceled because of the weather. 2. Not seeing two Storm Team Four Meteorologists in one newscast. But the number one thing I miss about not having a severe winter this year... 1. Not giving Mike Jacobs the chance to continue to be a Good Samaritan and clean the snow off my car.

  • Why I Will Wear Red

    I will be wearing red this Friday, January 3rd. Not because of Valentines day, which is right around the corner. But in honor of American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women Campaign."

  • Response to my random acts of kindness post

    Some people say smiles are contagious. I agree! So are efforts to spread joy. Last week I told you about a woman who left me a kind note and walked away. I talked about the importance or random acts of kindness. Well, that blog sparked this letter from a graduate of Marquette University. Once again, another stranger made my week. Thank you Jill for taking the time to spread smiles. If we all did this on a regular basis, imagine how great the world would be! Here's Jill's letter: _________________

  • Open letter to the Stranger at PF Chang's

    One of the perks of this job is that people will often let you know how they feel about a variety of subjects. Many people are very passionate or vocal about their stance about whatever the topic might be. Most are kind and considerate. Very few are rude.

  • Angels on Earth

    I always love stories about people sharing their talents with perfect strangers. Many are moved to create something that will help others feel better.

  • A weekend well spent

    Sometimes when you are asked to work the weekends in this business, you are less than pleased. Ok, maybe most of the time.

  • I was one of those people out shopping on Black Friday!

    Having to work Thanksgiving, I decided the best way to get into the holiday spirit, was to be one of the early Black Friday shoppers. So after the news Thanksgiving, yes, I bravely ventured over to Bayshore Town Center. I did not know what to expect. But I was surprised to see a long line to get inside Boston Store around 11:40 pm. I dragged my husband along for the ride. He was a good sport.

  • Empowerment

    It's always heartwarming to meet people who have turned their lives around. I recently got a chance to visit a clinic in Milwaukee that is helping clients beat their addictions

  • LeRoy Butler cooked for me!

    There are good weekends and there are great weekends. And this past weekend was great for me and several friends and family members. Why? Well Packers Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler proved that he is just as remarkable off the field as on. This spring I bid on an auction item. It was a LeRoy Butler Package to raise money for the LeRoy Butler Foundation which promotes cancer awareness. Well I won, and that meant a party hosted by LeRoy in my home. That in and of itself was fabulous enough for me. But what shocked me and all of my guests was just how truly wonderful and down to earth LeRoy proved to be.

  • No Trick or Treat

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I always love seeing the kids all dressed up for trick or treating. But this year, no such luck. My husband had to hand out all the candy.

  • Can Dish Towels Make You Happy?

    Chances are kitchen towels do not bring a smile to your face. In fact most likely, they are not items that bring you great joy. Smiles.

  • Cheap Beer and Packers

    We all know the Packers are superior in so many ways, but apparently we have something else to brag about! Beer at Lambeau Field is among the cheapest in the NFL.

Milwaukee, WI

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