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Cleavage Alert

The Latest Barbie Controversy

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Ok, I admit it.

I find myself often shocked at the risqué clothes that many people are sporting these days. A lot of skin, tight outfits, and plenty of cleavage. These clothes were once reserved only for "ladies of the night." But apparently the Red Light District has made it into every day fashion.

I'm not a prude. I get it. Times have changed.

But I have to agree with many parents who find the new Barbie, just a bit well..too exposed. But that's the way of the world.

Last night at 10:00, we showed the new Barbie. She was a bit over the top.

But what also shocked me was the Mom who was interviewed. She criticized the new doll and her low cut, buxom body. Hard to believe, because when the mother popped up, she was well shall I say popping out!

Mom was bemoaning the latest Barbie saying she did not want her daughter to think that she had to dress that way.

Personally, I think the mother would have had a bit more clout had her top not been so revealing. She was by most modest standards pretty exposed. And to me and many others, the busty mom having a beef with the busty Barbie is like Ken calling Barbie plastic.  


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