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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Two Good Samaritans

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This past weekend I was at the Pick 'n Save in Mequon shopping for groceries. I was in the mood to cook, so I thought I would grill out. I unloaded all my items, and got the grill going, and at one point I needed something out of my purse. I had been home a few hours, and was enjoying my time in the kitchen listening to my favorite music. (I find cooking can be therapeutic.)

It was not until I was about to put dinner on the table, that I realized, my purse was not there. I assumed I had left it in the car, so I was not overly concerned. However, a thorough search in the car and the trunk turned up nothing. And of course, panic ensued.

I traced the last time I had my purse to the checkout line in Pick 'n Save. So, I nervously called thinking, this could be bad. Cash, Credit cards, Drivers License, Checkbook, OMG! What if they were stolen!!!

But to my shock, I called the store, and the young lady says yes, we found your purse we were just about to call you. I was stunned, thrilled and happy. But still wondering if everything was intact. Well, my husband went and picked it up, and to my amazement, everything was there. Nothing was missing. Wow, was I grateful, and lucky. An honest person had retrieved my purse!

There were really two Good Samaritans in the case. The first was the man who found it, Gary Hetzel. (He found it in the shopping about a boneheaded move on my part!!!)

Hetzel, I'm told, has been at the Mequon Pick 'n Save for about a year. Last month he was voted best employee. He is known to be extremely honest and hard working.

The other honest soul is the young man who stored my purse and left messages on my work number. His name is Jordan Tomesch. He's a college student attending Concordia University. At any point, these two could have been dishonest, and ripped me off. Instead, they did the right thing and tracked me down. Thank God for decent people with humanity.

My story is a wakeup call. And a reminder, just when we think the world is going to "Hell in a handbag," we discover just the opposite. That the world is also filled pieces of Heaven. Angels on earth, like Gary Hetzel, and Jordan Tomesch. May blessings continue to come your way!!!


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