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A Personal Rant

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There are several cases that come to mind, but one of the most aggravating to me personally is when people say, anywho!!!!! No!!! It's not anywho, it's anyhow. Why would anyone ever say anywho?

Am I missing something? Lately, I have noticed a lot of perfectly normal, many times educated, and often well informed people saying anywho. Perhaps I am just out of touch. Maybe I missed a movie, fad, or a language revolution. If you know the birth of this travesty please share it with me.

I know it's not the most pressing issue. But I could live the rest of my life without ever hearing anywho again.

And while we are at it, I get jumpy when I hear "bro" substituted for brother. It seems so unnecessary. How hard is it to say "ther". 

OK, I'm done. I feel much better. I will take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.


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