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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Our First 2010 Winter Storm

Snow Solutions

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You have to admit, we handle winter very well around here. Despite a snow storm that dumped a foot or more of snow on the throughout the area, I found it refreshing to get on Interstate 43, and discover the roads in great shape this afternoon. Especially since I am a snow wimp.

Usually if there is too much snow on the highways, I take the back streets. It's not that I do not trust myself; I do not trust other people. Some people go far too fast in the snow, and end up careening into innocent vehicles.

But today, I was quite thrilled to be able to leave my home and take 43 south into Milwaukee. I found the arteries clean and in good shape.

Sometimes we are quick to complain about city and county road crews, but we forget that a lot of men and women work around the clock doing a wonderful job. They make certain that our area is not paralyzed because Mother Nature has blessed us with snow.

So hats off to DPW, and all of our local road crews. They have not only, a difficult and dangerous job, but many times a lonely one. Still, they are out there at all hours making life easier for all of us. They are our true winter heroes!!!!!!!! God Bless you!!


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