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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Sports Auction for MACC

A Huge Success

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The 33rd Sports Auction for MACC has come and gone. Once again, viewers pulled through. This year's telethon raised more than $40,000. And these days, raising money for anything, is twice as hard. But it's impossible not to be moved by the faces of the little ones undergoing cancer treatment. It's so unfair; yet, many of the families and children have a resilience and spirit that is unbreakable.

Knowing that the childhood cancer cure rate has gone from 20 to 80 percent is a modern marvel. Every year at the Sports Auction for MACC, we see the faces of the success of modern medicine. People now adults, who survived childhood cancer, and are now giving back.

Families of children living with cancer are a special group. They not only understand and know the ravages of the disease; they also learn the value of life. They do not take little moments for granted. They appreciate what so many of us forget to remember. That life is a gift, which should not be squandered. And if we are smart, we will use our gift wisely, for the betterment of others. That is what hundreds of you did during the Sports Auction for MACC. And because you gave, fewer families will be in pain, and your gift, helped save a young life. God Bless You.

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