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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Remembering Michael Jackson

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I guess after the death of Michael Jackson, many are thinking about Michael Jackson memories. Who among us has not tried to his smooth moves.

"Thriller" and "Beat It" were mainstays in countless music collections. Of course, we all tried to emulate his moves with varying degrees of success. I remember trying hard to do dance like Michael in his videos.

But now, many years later, all I remember are loud guffaws, and shrieks of laughter from my adoring but always real sisters. They always tell me I have no rhythm. (Smiles)

Ok I'm not Michael Jackson, but I personally feel I do fine. I chose to live in denial, and ignore them making fun of me. After all, isn't dancing just to have fun? (Smiles)

But one of my fondest memories is seeing the Jackson Five perform in St. Louis when I was in high school. I think we all wore my parents down begging to go.

So like the incredible parents they are, they dutifully purchased tickets for the entire family. It was my first pop concert. I was amazed and truly transfixed. Michael Jackson dazzled us, and it was evident we were witnessing a genius at work.

Now that Michael has passed, I feel blessed that at least I was able to see him once in concert.

It's been almost surreal over the years to watch his change. It was apparent he was a tragically flawed figure with low self-esteem. It was painful to watch as he got older. From the plastic surgeries, to the allegations of child abuse, most of us lamented the old Michael Jackson.

But despite his strange transformation, for me, Michael Jackson will always be that young kid with a cute afro from Gary Indiana - a child who sang and danced his heart out to the delight of millions of fans.

He defined a musical era and was a pioneer of music videos.

Too bad, he could not appreciate his value, and love himself unconditionally. But for those of us who had the gift of seeing Michael Jackson live, the cute kid from Gary Indiana will never die. Even today, the memory of seeing Michael Jackson live years ago still brings me pleasure and great joy.

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