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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

It's Festival Season

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It's the festival season, and hopefully we can enjoy a safe and fun season. Milwaukee is a true gem in the summer and most people find these months the best time of the year. From Polish Fest to Summerfest, to the African World Festival, Milwaukee really knows to party. There are so many free music events, that you'd have to be pretty picky to not find some venue you like. Let's all hope that we do not let a few rowdies spoil what has been a rich and proud tradition for Milwaukee. Let's face it, most of the thousands of people who attend our summer events are law abiding good citizens. Unfortunately, often the few losers get more attention than they deserve. Last year, at RiverSplash, there was a shooting and many complaints of people getting loud after too much booze. But this year, Milwaukee Police are poised to stop problems before they start. RiverSplash hired 40 percent more security people and police are checked bags at all entrance points. Hopefully extra security measures will keep summer festival season what it's meant to be, fun and safe. And families and visitors to our fair city can savor the true Milwaukee spirit. One of hard working, decent, law-abiding citizens who just love to have a good time in the summer.

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Milwaukee, WI

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