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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Offer for Octuplet Mom

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I know there's no shortage of criticism of the mother of the octuplets. It's certainly warranted. Of course, it's hard to understand how an unemployed single mother, would put herself and her parents through raising 14 children. Much has been said about her mental state, the doctor's irresponsibility, her use of public aid, and the sheer shock of it all. But like it or not, these children are here. And for the sake of humanity the babies deserve some help. That's why I found the offer by attorney Gloria Allred intriguing. Allred, along with a non-profit charity called "Angels in Waiting" have offered Nadya Suleman around the clock baby-sitting, nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a home. Taxpayer funds would not be used. Hopefully this maligned mother of the octuplets will accept. The family's home is in foreclosure, and these babies need help. This would be the best solution to a challenging situation. As unthinkable, and irresponsible it seems, we still should not forget, that a lot of children's lives are at stake. They did not ask to be born, and are not responsible for how they came into the world. Angry people should not take a mother's bad decision out on the babies. Hopefully, something can be done, to give these children, the chance they deserve.

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