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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Thank You Mike Jacobs

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Let's face it one of the most annoying chores of the winter is cleaning the snow and ice off your car. This year we have had plenty of reasons to be annoyed. Last night I was lamenting going out to the parking lot. I truly was not in the mood to remove the pile of snow and ice after a long day. Well, to my surprise my car had already been clean. I was thrilled. But I immediately had a clue about the mystery Good Samaritan. And, my suspicions were confirmed when I got into work today. I asked my co-anchor Mike Jacobs if he had cleaned off my car. His answer was yes. How sweet! Especially since Mike has had very little free time lately. He's been very busy tending to his wife who is recovering from a broken leg. But Mike Jacobs is that kind of guy. He's been known to shovel around bus stops and fire hydrants on Prospect Avenue before coming to work. And through his random acts of kindness, Mike Jacobs improves the lives of others in a quiet way. I know his spirit and talent makes my job much easier. And it's great working with a man who truly enjoys his job and making others smile. What a blessing. Thanks Mike. You're a real gem.

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Milwaukee, WI

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