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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

"The Gift of LIfe?"

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If someone gave you their kidney, wouldn't you be eternally grateful? Well apparently not one woman. A doctor in New York donated his kidney to his wife. He claims she had an affair he gave her the organ. Now he wants his gift of life back. Dr. Richard Batista says "We were in a million dollar home, I was a full-time surgeon, full-time father and a dedicated husband. And I saved her life, and there's nothing bad about what I did, I'd do it again. But the pain is unbearable." Doctor Batista says he's willing to settle for 1.5 Million dollars. This story begs so many questions. What went wrong? How could she! How could he! Has anyone else broken up with a spouse who gave them an organ? How could the gift of life cause so much strife? This story makes you realize how strange the world can be. Let's just hope the surgeon is not serious about wanting his kidney back.

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Milwaukee, WI

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Broken Clouds
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