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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Cold Weather Thoughts

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Ok, by now, we've pretty much had a storm a week and we are not officially into winter. By now, many people's fascination with winter is freezing up faster the ice on our windshields. Yes, it's been a rough few weeks for those who loathe winter. By now, you probably know I am in the minority. I love winter. Many people ask me, "Why are you so cheerful about snow?" Well, the truth is I have no patience for people who whine about snow. If you a live in Wisconsin, you will see snow, so get used to it. Plus, (I know some people will be cussing me out for this next statement) have you ever heard of anyone in California complain about the sun? (I heard that groan.) Rarely. Why is that one of nature's gifts so revered and another one is so despised? To me, it's all about attitude. I am an equal opportunity weather lover. Just like people, every season has something to celebrate. So when people complain about the weather, I always just smile. After all, it's good tracking snow for Santa and his reindeer. (LOL)

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Milwaukee, WI

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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