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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Ordinary People Also Make Good Stories

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Ok. You may think I'm crazy. But I am convinced I have a solution to at least one of our societal ills. More family TV shows about regular people. I think many young people today fantasize about living in luxury and being rich. They see some of the popular series or reality shows, and feel they're entitled to live like them. That is often the case, even if they have no talent or work ethic. That is sad!!!! I'm convinced much of today's entertainment sends young people the wrong message. They see characters who often do not have to worry about money and live lavishly. When I go to schools, I find many young people who want to know how much money I have, what kind of car I drive...etc. Many are upfront in telling me that their only goal is to be rich. It's as if a modest life is not worth living. If only we had more family shows like the "The Bill Cosby Show," "Father Knows Best," "I Love Lucy," or "Leave it to Beaver." I would love to see more entertainment that gives our youth strong moral messages and a clear direction of right or wrong. What about a modern version of "The Andy Griffith Show?" Yes, I realize many of these early shows, had a severe lack of diversity. But that could be easily solved in today's world. But many older shows feature ordinary people living regular lives. They are seen being happy and having fun, and often learning a life lesson about doing the right thing. How wonderful it would be to see a television show of a middle class family living a decent normal life. That's one of the charms of the Roseanne TV show of the eighties and nineties.. The Brady Bunch of the 70s. (Pre Maureen Mack biography). They displayed that you can have a modest life, a home filled with love, and a lot of humor. We put too much emphasis on things in this country. It's an epidemic, and it's hurting us and our teens. They are learning to never be satisfied with what they have, only want what they don't. What a way to set up a generation for misery. Most Americans are middle class folks with good values, trying to do what's right by their families and society. They are not rich, spoiled, or pampered, and they work very hard. Some of the most memorable people I have interviewed have little means. But they are rich. They understand the joy of volunteering and giving to their communities. They have big hearts, and are happy. And most important, they know what matters, family, friends, and relationships. They are the true beautiful people. I'm not saying that every entertainment show has to be "Little House on the Prairie." I just wish Hollywood would give us a better glimpse of everyday people. That would let our youth know they can be just as exciting, relevant, and loving and beautiful as the young sports figures and pop stars. Maybe then, more people would realize that for life's greatest joys, you don't need a credit card.

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