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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Meekins Musings

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Sometimes it's easy to believe the worst of mankind. And, that you cannot trust anyone, especially strangers. But this week I had an experience that gave me a great feeling of hope. I had gone to Taco Bell on Port Washington in Glendale. I gave a young African American man what I thought was a twenty dollar bill. Well, I did not realize I had given him two twenty dollar bills that were stuck together. But I was lucky. This was a very honest employee. He immediately said, you gave me two twenty dollar bills. I thought how refreshing. His first instinct was to be honest. Before I drove off, I asked the young man his name. He said Tyrone. I thanked him for his honesty. I called the restaurant and was told the young man's name is Tyrone Robinson. So I just want to use this blog as an opportunity to say thanks Tyrone. Sometimes in the news we point out people who have broken the law. But for those who commit an act of kindness, publicity is often absent. There are no cameras, no reports, and no spotlight. Too bad really, because most people are decent. But the Tyrone's of the world often go unnoticed until they stumble and or they fall. How sad.

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