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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

No Horseplay Please!!!!

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We did a story on the 10 pm news tonight about a fundraiser for breast cancer. That's obviously a wonderful cause. But the event was a water balloon contest. Where people lined up and threw water balloons at each other. I said on the air at the time, no way would I participate. I have no interest in hitting anyone with a water balloon and less in getting hit. Just tell me where to write the check. Mike Jacobs disagreed. He thought it looked like fun. But I have never been one for water balloon fights, food fights or any horseplay. Even when I was young, I found such activities silly and sophomoric. I wonder, is it a female thing? Many women tell me their sons live for horseplay. They're always wrestling, and fighting, and getting physical. I grew up in a home where I was the oldest of four girls. We loved our Barbies, dollhouses, games..but little horseplay. I remember when I was in junior high. A guy I had a crush on asked me to go out. I was to meet him at the school carnival. Those days families went. I pointed out to my mother the guy I liked. And she never let me forget that I made a strange connection. This particular dude spent the entire carnival with a water gun shooting everyone in sight. Ha..ha....!!!! It still cracks me up!! My mother saw him and laughed all night. I do not believe we ever exchanged two words. I was too shy to even utter a phrase. We used to ride the same church bus, but I was too frightened to even speak. But somehow, seeing his delight in annoying classmates all night with his water gun, taught me that young crushes can be fleeting. Especially if the guy is big on horseplay.

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