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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Meekins Musings

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Ok, maybe it's me. But I must get something off my chest. It's really getting on my nerves. What is it with all of the abbreviated words these days? Why must everything be reduced by a few syllables. Case in point. When cooking queen Rachel Ray says the words E.V.O.O for extra virgin olive oil, I just cringe. How hard is it to say extra virgin olive oil? Isn't that what it's called? Will three more syllables put you back too far? And just why do you need to save that fraction of a second? Rachel Ray is also famous for saying "delish"...for delicious. What is wrong with "cious?" How long does it take to get "cious" out? Not that long. NOOOOO!!!! Having said that, I find Rachel Ray adorable and her personality sparkling. I just do not like it when people abbreviate for no reason. The other day I was watching a television show, when a mother said, lets talk about our vacay..instead of vacation. HELP!!!!! I instantly wanted to throw something at the TV. How hard is it to say "tion?" Here we saved a grand total of one syllable. Someone will have to explain the logic behind these condensed words. I have also heard, I have a taste for a "Za." I think that came from a movie. It's short for pizza...but to me long on irritation. How tough is it to get the piz out? I say NO!!! One syllable!!! How lazy can we get? Ok, these are not big problems. But they point to a bigger issue. If we are too impatient, too strapped for time to even get our syllables out, how will we ever find time to discuss world peace. Unless of course we could find people willing to have a deep "convo" (conversation) about war. As for me, no shortened words. In fact, sometimes my producers write "Tosa" for Wauwatosa. Sorry, but I do not say it. The city's name is Wauwatosa, and it's just not that hard to say "Wauwa." It's only two syllables. Plus, Wauwatosa with its four long syllables is the correct name.

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Milwaukee, WI

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