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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Go Brewers!!!

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Isn't it wonderful to see a positive story that everyone can feel good about? Thanks to the Brewers making it into the post season, many people are feeling optimistic these days. Let’s face it, often the news coming has not been great the past few months. From the financial crisis, to job layoffs, to plant closings, to crime there has not been a lot to applaud. But for the next few days we can all feel the collective excitement of hope. Hope that the Brewers make it through the next round, hope that destiny awaits, and hope that the Brewers can once again go as far as the team in 1982. Everyone who was old enough remembers what they were doing the last time the Brewers went to the World Series. Many parents and grandparents are dusting off those memories and sharing them with progeny. It's great to hear and see the stories. From a man we saw on the news carrying 1982 World Series Tickets, to the mother looking for Brewers gear for her’s fun to have a positive diversion. The Brewers have given Milwaukee a gift. A chance for families to make new memories, to cheer on the hometown team, to feel proud. The Brewers ascension could not have come at a better time. After all, after Aaron Rodgers injury who knows what's in store for the Packers. As for the Milwaukee Bucks, it’s anyone's guess how new leadership will fare. But thanks to the Brew Crew, we do have one certainty. A new reason to smile, to connect, to dream. It's a great way to start the fall season.

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Milwaukee, WI

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