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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Positive Lessons from the Olympics

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Perhaps the most positive story of the season is the Summer Olympics. Watching the athletes from all over the world compete on the world's stage, gives us insight into competition, sportsmanship, and most important humanity. The Beijing games are on pace to be the most watched Olympics ever. The Beijing Olympics are a real hit for NBC, but they're also a hit for all of us. The nightly competitions are a pleasant distraction from everyday life. While I appreciate the medal count, and the success the U.S. has enjoyed, I am most interested in the stories behind the medals. Hearing Michael Phelps admit he was teased and picked on as a child sends a powerful message to children in similar situations. Knowing he was raised by a single mom and overcame ADHD proves you can rise above adversity. For me these games are about those tales. The obstacles overcome..the lessons learned. By witnessing those who have achieved more than believed, and persevered through setbacks, we see real life. And by knowing the life scripts behind the victories makes them all more memorable. Because behind these super athletes we can often see ourselves..and and are reminded that through dedication and hard work, the impossible can become the possible.

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