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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Sad Olympics Revelation

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Like most of the millions of viewers, I was dazzled and amazed at the great show China put on for the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. Now, like many I am dazzled and amazed for an entirely new reason. I learned today about the lip synching involving two talented beautiful children. The adorable little 9-year-old girl whose picture you see on the right sang Ode to the Motherland during the opening ceremonies. But it was really not her singing. It was really the voice of the 7 year old adorable child you see on the right. But for some lame Chinese officials, the 7-year-old singer was apparently not cute enough. The music director says, "The national interest requires that the girl should have good looks and a good grasp of the song and look good on screen." Some say the child on the right had crooked teeth and a head too round. Can you believe it?! (Talk about setting up a child of a life of poor self esteem.) Wow! I don't know about you by I find this absolutely offensive. What child is not beautiful! And by whose standards? Cuteness is subjective. It's easy to see why we have so many insecure, self loathing women and men walking around. What a shallow message to send to the world. Despite your talent, if you do not look flawless, stay off the stage. Some of the most talented people in history have not been the most stunning in the looks department. Yet they have shaped lives, left legacies, changed destinies. Would Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Judy Garland, not be perfect enough today? Let's face it, many people call Hollywood superficial and shallow. But I honestly do not believe such a kid swap would happen in Tinsel Town. Children are God's greatest creation. They all have an innocence and sparkle that defies conventional cuteness. Their natural wonderment and curiosity are blessings to behold. To rate a child not cute enough is like saying the sky is not blue enough, the sun is not bright enough, the grass is not green enough. These are the marvels of nature. Thank God, nature cannot create anything as transparent as man can apparently be. Those who cannot see the unique beauty in all children (or adults for that matter), are people I do not care to know.

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