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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Lesson's from the Favre Fiasco

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I think we can all learn lessons from the Brett Favre fiasco. It's a sobering reminder that no one is indispensable. I truly wanted Favre to come back. I am saddened but not shocked. It's important for all of us to understand that no matter what we bring to the table, we can all be replaced. Often in the newsroom, I have heard producers, or editors remark, "I am putting this together for your show." But I am always quick to correct them. I anchor the shows, but they are not "my" shows. They are put on for the viewers. The effort is collective. Therefore, the shows belong to all of us. Often people forget that the workplace is just that. The workplace. It is not your family; it is not the place where you get emotional support. Work, is a place you can learn, where you can grow, and you can improve, and make friends. But it is a professional place, a business, not your family. Hearing Rod Burks report that Brett Favre was not permitted to go into the Packers locker room by a security guard made me sad. For the future Hall of Famer to be treated like an intruder seems odd, strange and even wrong. But as the Packers have been saying all month, we have moved on. Just another reminder that the work world is not your family. As I look at the Favre Fiasco, there are plenty of take away points that can help us all. 1. Communicate. Managers talk to your employees, employees talk to your managers. Do not let issues fester. The bitterness only builds. 2. Whatever your profession, always have a backup. It's great to find your bliss, but sometimes that bliss does not work out. So find another bliss. I had to do that years ago. I wanted to be a classical pianist. When that didn't seem to go as planned, I found another dream. Television News. 3. The door will not always be open. Life changes, plans go in different directions. Know when it's time to move on, and do it. It's painful, difficult, but a healthy adult knows it can accept it. That's life, and we all know it's not easy. 4. Passion is great. But it's a good idea to have more than one passion as my mother says..just in case. She always wanted me to study music. Good idea. Years ago, I fell back on teaching piano lessons many times between jobs. As a result, I've always managed to have an income source. Thanks mom for that advice. A fall back career is a good security blanket. 5. Enjoy the victories, because they may not come again. I remember Brett Favre saying, when he first won a Super Bowl he thought it was easy. He was sure he would do it again. So far, he has not. So celebrate the milestones and don't take them for granted. After all, nothing is forever. But a healthy adult knows how to adjust to life's new phases and discover the tiny victories in everyday life.

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