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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

"The Real Heroes"

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I have two new heroes. No, they are not sports figures. They are not movie stars. They are not celebrities. But they are both an incredible. This week in "Positively Milwaukee," I introduced you to Winlom Woods and Lisa Alberte. He is an Iraq veteran living with a bullet embedded in his brain. She was named the 2008 "Nurse of the Year" award. Winlom is determined to fight his brain injury. Lisa is determined to help him. Winlom has made great strides since he was shot July of 2006. So much so that today he dreams of getting a job. Unfortunately, the media often spotlights the wrong people. Those with the biggest box office draws, the ones with the most CD sales, or the athletes with the most records. But the real heroes are people who fight for our freedom. The men and women who sacrifice their lives, their health, and their safety for us. They deserve the stage. They deserve the applause. I have gotten a number of calls from people moved by Winlom Woods and Lisa Alberte. One lady tells me she needs to see positive stories. They restore her faith, renew her spirit, and remind her of what is right in the world. I agree. After a steady diet of death, destruction and pain, we deserve some healthy news. We need information that nourishes the soul, and reminds us that there are people working for the greater good. Real life angels like Lisa Alberte. Heroes like Winlom Woods. Real people on the homefront inspiring us all to be better.

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