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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Why I Am Never Bored

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Can I tell you a secret? This may shock you, but I can honestly say I have never been bored in my life. And I never remember being bored as a child. It's all because of my parents. We were too busy with after school activities. My parents were the most supportive parents in the world when it came to enrichment. As a youngster, my parents gave us exposure to just about everything. From music, to dance, to swimming, if we wanted it, we got it. But Mom always reminded us these gifts were not cheap, or easy for them to give. But they believed as parents it was their duty to sacrifice. Rarely did I have an entire summer off. Whether it was summer school, or enrichment programs, my sisters and I were always busy. Mom considered it her duty to drive us to various classes and programs. I loved taking classes and studying subjects for the fun of it. Mom always signed us up for summer school. She thought it was good for us. It never occurred to me to protest. After all, I knew it was better than hanging out doing nothing. (A huge no no in our family!!!) I started to read books early on as a child. What a blessing! The love of reading will ensure you will never get bored. In fact, as a youngster I preferred a good book to playing outdoors. I even remember my mother telling me to go out and play. It's not that I did not enjoy the playground, I just always felt there was an much more exciting world at my fingertips. Books taught me about the world, about life, about living. It was a passport to adventure. Now that I am older, I am blessed that my parents instilled those values. I can hear them now.."Work before play, never stop learning, accept new challenges, and books are your friends"... Maybe that's why even today, I am never bored. And if I have a little time all to myself, you may find me happy, alone, armed with a stack of reading material that I am too busy to finish. (Smiles)

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