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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

What's in a Name?

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Let's face it old habits die hard. It seems every time I remember my computer password the computer tells me I need to change it again. Very annoying. But I guess that's modern life these days. Nothing stays the same. The other day when Mayor Tom Barrett announced a $10,000 reward to find the July 4th killers he said the donation was being made by Miller Brewing. Ooops!!!. The company now has a new name. MillerCoors...But it was just made official the first of this month. But we at the station were just a guilty. Mike and I repeated Miller Brewing as the corporate entity for the reward. That name was even put up on the screen. However, half way through our live coverage, we realized the err of our ways. So, MillerCoors magically appeared on the screen. Better late than never. It will probably take awhile for us to adjust to saying MillerCoors after all these years. As far as moving the headquarters to another city? I won't even go there. The other night someone asked me about the July 4th fireworks. I accidentally said Firststar Fireworks. Oops!!!! That's a blast from the past, no pun intended. The Firststar building downtown became the U.S. Bank Building in 2002. So today, they are the U.S. Bank Fireworks. But I know many people who still call it the old Firstar building. While I'm on the subject, do you know people still saying Midwest Express? I still hear it a lot. Of course, the airline changed its name to Midwest Airlines in 2004. It's just we were all so conditioned to say Midwest Express it was hard. And wouldn't you know it, now that most of us are on board with the "Midwest Airlines" name, there's a chance the airline may not be around at all. Change can certainly be annoying.

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