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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Pledge of Peace/Atonement Lutheran Church and School

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It's a church with humanity and spirit. And its members are working to make Milwaukee better. Hopefully you got a chance to see this week's Positively Milwaukee. We highlighted the beginning of a major effort by Atonement Lutheran Church and School at 4224 W. Ruby in Milwaukee. Steve Schafer is the brainchild of the Neighborhood Peace Initiative. He is an inspirational leader, who's taking the proactive approach in fighting crime. His initiative has three phases. The first is a Neighborhood Peace Summit which takes place Saturday morning April 12, from 10:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. The second phase will be Neighborhood Arbor Day on April 26, where volunteers will collect waste around the neighborhood. The last phase will be a Neighborhood Peace Block Party. That takes place Saturday June 14. Schafer wants neighbors to get to know each other. He wants to create a culture of peace where people look out for each other and work to make the neighborhood safe. He also plans to connect residents with police and public officials. Those attending this week's peace summit will also learn about a host of community services available, from Badger Care to the Parklawn YMCA to the Social Development Commission. Schafer believes that if residents see the church and school as a resource, neighbors will join together to keep out bad elements. This was sparked in part by the murder of a young man last year not far from Atonement Lutheran Church. But rather than pick up and run, or shut their doors, this congregation is tackling the problems by reaching out. Its members are impressive. They are setting examples through respect, courage, honesty and compassion. Seeing members of Atonement Lutheran Church in action is an inspiration. Their commitment and passion to the greater good is just what Milwaukee needs. God Bless Atonement Lutheran Church and School for having the courage to care.

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Milwaukee, WI

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