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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Snowstorm Memory Fun and Poignant

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This is one of my favorite pictures of last week's spring snowstorm. It comes from Brandon and Connor Novack in Belgium, Wisconsin. Now of course part of me loves this picture for its promotion of Channel 4. (I'm not proud...ha..ha..!!) But I love it more for the family behind the picture. You see Brandon is a former MACC Star designer. He is a cancer survivor and is doing great. But as a child, Brandon and his family made countless trips to Children's Hospital for treatments. Still, they find time to count their blessings. How many people with healthy kids do you know who forget to do that? I know it's strange, but I have always felt that families dealing with childhood cancer are a more special breed than others. Through their challenges I see a type of humanity that transcends the rest of us. I see a spirit and love you don't often see. It's almost as if a higher power has sent them a struggle to teach us all life lessons. Yes, delight in the big 4 carved out in the snow by the Novacks. But I rejoice more in the knowledge Brandon healthy and happy. He reminds me that we are winning the battle of childhood cancer. And every dollar we give to the MACC Fund is money well spent. So let's remember to keep supporting the MACC Fund. So families like the Novacks can enjoy the snow, even though it's spring!!!

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Milwaukee, WI

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