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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

I Choked On "Live at 5"

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Ok, some days are better than others when it comes to live TV. Yesterday on the 5:00 news I was reading a story about the Bowling Congress possibly moving, and took a breath of air..and nothing came out except several coughs. Yes, I am not proud to admit it, but I choked during "Live at 5." The good news is that Mike Jacobs is quick on the trigger. He jumped right in and finished reading the story for me just before we went to sportscaster Rod Burks. Luckily, I did not break out in laughing convulsions. But no matter what happens it's not as bad as what happened to our wonderful 10 pm producer around Thanksgiving. Nutritionist Laurie Meyer had brought in a Thanksgiving turkey for her healthy eating food segment on Live at 4:30. Usually after those segments, she will leave any food samples for the newsroom. Of course, like vultures that have not eaten in years, the news staff devours the food. As people helped themselves to white or dark meat, our 10 pm producer, Jay Saunders was apparently so excited about turkey time that when he chomped on his piece, it went down the wrong way. He was gagging, and coughing. Our local CPR trained expert Mike Jacob's was quick to try and help. But since Jay was still able to talk, Mike knew he would survive. Still, the turkey would not come out and an ambulance was called. How humiliating but how wonderfully funny!! So off went our 10 pm producer surrounded by paramedics to help ensure it would not be his last piece of turkey. As you might imagine, many (me) laughed unabashedly after we discovered Jay would be fine. I was in hysterics. I could hardly stand. And when I found out that our news director went to visit him in the hospital my guffaws were simply uncontrollable. All I could think of is HOW EMBARRASSING!!! I started to think of headlines. "Butterball gone Bad." "Injury by Turkey". "Cooking Lesson Ends in Choking." Imagine your boss comes to visit you in the hospital because of a food injury. That's rich!!! Ha..ha..!!! But I am happy to share the good news. Jay is back to producing. He seems to have developed a strange affinity for soft food like macaroni and mashed potatoes. Ok I made that up..ha..ha..!!! But who am I to laugh. As you can see from this video clip, you do not have to chomp on food to choke or to feel like a Turkey!!

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