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Our Gift from Nancy Chandler

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I recently reconnected with an old friend you all know. Nancy Chandler recently went public about her bout with breast cancer. Many of you remember Nancy a former anchor here at Todays TMJ4. Nancy and I spent a lot of time hanging out before we got married. I was even a bridesmaid in her wedding. I always remembered feeling lucky that I could have a friend that I could talk openly and honestly about a job that most people do not understand. We had a good time venting about minor issues, like hair and makeup, and being air ready. Ha..ha!!! We had plenty of fun talking about dud dates..ha.ha..!! But as life goes, we both got married, Nancy left the business to settle down as a mother and we sort of lost touch.(Working nights is not good for nurturing friendships.) We were both busy going in different directions. But when I called Nancy a few weeks ago, it was really like old times. We probably talked more than an hour. I was so impressed with her courage in fighting breast cancer. Nancy's willingness to go public is all about her spirit. She simply wants to help others. Nancy has always been beautiful physically and spiritually. She's very generous and giving. She makes everyone around her feel good. Nancy Chandler thinks more about others than herself. So, it was no surprise to me that she was determined to use her diagnosis as a springboard to remind women to get mammograms. We are all thrilled that the prognosis for Nancy is good. We have been flooded with prayers and viewer calls. Reconnecting with Nancy has taught me a valuable lesson. No matter how busy you are take time to contact friends. It was not until we had a chance to reconnect that I realized just how much I had missed my former colleague. We have both promised ourselves to stay in touch. I am glad. Milwaukee is blessed to have had Nancy on the air for many years. I am a richer for being her friend.

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