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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Mike Jacobs Revealed (Ladies Don't Get Jealous!)

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On this cold winter day, story that will make you feel good. It happens to involve one of the nicest guys I've ever worked with. My co-worker Mike Jacobs. You see, the past couple of nights when I went out to the parking lot, most cars wore blankets of white. Some just look like puffy clouds sitting on mounds of snow. Of course that means it's time for the ice scraper. But the past couple of nights, I have walked out, and noticed my car not quite as snow laden as the rest. Of course, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes here briefly wondered if someone had cleaned off my car. No way I thought in my muddled mind. I just figured my car was at a good angle. Well, last night it happened again. My car looked to be much cleaner than all the other cars. Once again, Miss Clueless just opened the door, and scraped what little snow was on my car and wondered out loud..why were there so many footprints around my car. (Duhhh!!!!) To be honest it just didn't occur to me that someone other than my husband could be so nice. Well. Wrong!!! Today Mike Jacobs confessed. He had scraped off my car before I left last night .A few nights ago, he was aided by floor director Rodney Paulson. Well how sweet!! But I guess I should not be surprised. Mike Jacobs has been known to shovel bus stops, fire hydrants, and sidewalks on the East Side where he lives. That's what I call a commitment to civic pride. Mike Jacobs did something more than just clear the snow off my car. He gave me a poignant reminder. Don't forget to take time to notice the goodness in life. Because even when arctic chill is blowing, your heart will be warm!!

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Milwaukee, WI

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