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I did it again. Left a long rambling message on a voice mail. This was to a college professor who had inquired about a speaking engagement. All I can say is she may have a change of heart after hearing my voice mail. At the end of my message I found myself apologizing for my long message. Of course I suddenly wished I had an erase button or a way to start over. Often we leave messages quickly, and are multi-tasking. Before we know it, our time is up, or we have taken too much time. The worst, of course, is to hear the beep mid sentence. Ha..ha...!! That's rich. My husband will not leave a lot of time on our home answering machine. He says if people cannot collect their thoughts in one minute they should not be calling. Ha..ha..!!!But I understand. Many people leave me long long voice mails. Then the forget to give me their phone number at the end. So they may think I do not care. But the truth is they have failed to understand the basic tenants of voice mail. I guess voice mail and answering machines are convenient. Especially if you do not want to talk to someone. But they really can make communication hard, when you want to change your message, or clarify something, or in my case start to mumble incoherently. Then you have to do what I call the loser call back and try again, or try to continue where you left off. Loser call backs are never pretty!!!! Almost every day my poor 10 Pm producer Jay Saunders has to listen to me whine and wince about a less than stellar voice mail I have left. Actually though, I always end up laughing. I cannot help it. But there is really nothing we can do about lame messages. Right now, I have a dream. To leave a voice mail that is brief, concise and to the point. And I dream of devoting those few minutes only to the task of leaving a message. No typing, no writing...just full concentration. But if it all goes belly-up, at least the hangup will follow a good laugh!!

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Milwaukee, WI

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