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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

From Prison to Ministry

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Tonight I met a man named Lawton who had served time in prison, had been in gangs, involved in selling drugs, and was a former pimp. But today he mentors others about the importance faith, education, and avoiding drugs. Lawton inspired a Milwaukee Audrey to call me. She tells me Lawton started mentoring her young son five years ago. She says his encouragement and determination gave her the motivation to work on her GED. She hopes to get it soon. Today Lawton and Audrey minister to others about abstinence, avoiding drugs and staying in school. What these two have accomplished is amazing. And, they've done it with faith, heart and passion, and basically no money. Audrey tells me she hung out with the wrong crowd early in life, had kids young, and ended up in abusive relationships. But today, she is a woman of faith. She is a loving mother and her kids are thriving. Audrey also ministers to the young often holding bible classes in the park. Her goal? She wants the children to know they are loved. Two people who could be on treacherous paths are now working together to save souls. Their passion, foresight, energy, and resourcefulness is truly amazing. They have no funding, just heart. Watch for their story in an upcoming Positively Milwaukee on Live at Five. I know you will be touched.

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