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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Fall Is Finally Here

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I know many people do not share my fondness of fall. Some even curse it calling it a prelude to winter. But I must admit, I am delighted fall temperatures are finally here. The past couple of weeks of summer weather and high humidity have confused my plants, and my soul. For some reason the harvest season always replenishes my soul. From the pumpkins, to the hayrides, to trick or treating to the Packers, there is just something to love about fall. In a recent blog I pledged to savor the sights of the season this year..and I have done just that. I have made a point to travel to local parks to commune with nature and just enjoy the colors. Now I have to admit, I find it hard to just sit and reflect. I have to be moving about, running or walking. I have learned to enjoy the sounds of the leaves rustling, and the steady beat of the waves on the shore of Lake Michigan. I have decided to avoid the Ipod and listen to natures symphonies. I end up moving into a new zone of tranquility. I know for many people it's hard to just stop and leave behind the computers gadgets and electronics. But I guarantee you if you try if for just a few hours you will feel a peace that makes it easier to tackle your daily obligations.

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Milwaukee, WI

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Scattered Clouds
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