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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

"Simple Pleasures"

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Life is just a series of small joys. And they happen everyday. Whether it's a child who draws you a beautiful picture, or a friend giving you a hug, it's the small moments that have the most magic. Have you ever been giddy with anticipation only to be letdown once the big day is over? I have. Often it's an event you have anticipated for weeks only to be let down the day of and the day after. That's because too much energy was placed in that singular event. That is why I no longer base my joy around huge life events. Whether it's a vacation, or a party, or a social engagement. I know so many women who work so hard, plan and struggle over the perfect wedding day. I have friends who put so much emphasis on the wedding, they chose the wrong guy. I never had a wedding. I never wanted one. I have always believed and I still do, that I do not need a day to be special..ha..ha!!! I refuse to give my life over to planning. As I've gone through life, i have discovered the greatest joys in the easiest pleasures. A sunset, a walk, a hug, a connection a child. This evening I got a lovely gift from two kids. I was interviewing their father for a Positively Milwaukee. They drew me two pictures with happy joyous faces. One even said "I love you." As a former teacher I know that one sign of a happy child is a happy picture. And my new artwork made me smile. Even though I got back late and was hurried and rushed to get ready for the 10 pm news..I was thrilled to hang up my handmade gifts. Simple, spontaneous gifts from the young and from the heart are really life's biggest moments.

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Milwaukee, WI

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