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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

9/19/07 "The Price of Freedom"

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It's a show we all should see. A documentary on the toll of war. It's a collection of interviews on HBO that are not easy to watch. But we should force ourselves. I'm talking about "Alive Day." The show is produced by Sopranos Star James Gandolfini. He does a masterful job of interviewing men and woman severely wounded. He stays out of the spotlight, saving it for the heroes. "Alive Day" underscores the tremendous courage of the young men and women who serve overseas. It reveals the price of war. And it reminds us to pay homage to those who fight to keep us free. The Iraq war has left more than 25 thousand people wounded. These are men and women living with lifelong ramifications. We see soldiers who have lost limbs, their eyesight, even parts of their brain. We see men and women whose lives are forever changed. Alive day refers to the day that these soldiers were seriously wounded. The day they cheated death and almost lost their lives. We see an amputee dance, a paraplegic with his family, a mother caress her brain injured son. We also witness video of the attacks that maimed our heroes. Alive Day is a stark reminder of the price of war. But it is also an amazing display of patriotism, courage, and hope. This documentary proves we owe our war veterans a lot. And it's an important reminder that freedom is not free.

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