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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

9/14/07 "My Fall Pledge"

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It's that time of the year..the air is getting cooler, mornings are more crisp and the sky has a special blue. I don't know why, but I have always loved fall. For some it's the birth of the football season, others it's back to school with new attitudes and new outfits, for me it's just a feeling that I really cannot explain. But I am a true fan of the harvest season. Maybe it's because I was born in the fall, but I do not think so. I'm not a big birthday celebration kind of a person. I think the parties are really for the kids. Plus, everyone has one if their lucky..ha..ha...!!!! I think my love affair with fall has to do with the feeling of change. The transition from summer to fall is always more profound than the move from fall to winter. Plus, the colors of fall are hard to beat. Gold, red, green, pumpkin, orange. It's almost like mother nature gives us a color symphony before she brings out her white blankets. This year I've made a personal pledge. I will go out and search for the beauty of the season. I will find the glorious fall foliage. Usually, I just stumble upon the kaleidoscope of fall. When I finally I think of planning a trip, the leaves are gone. But not this year. I will seek out the fall colors. I'll may even research the peak watching times and take a day trip. I'll let you know how it turns out. Unless of course breaking news gets in the way!!!

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