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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

9/12/07 "Leave Britney Alone"

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I know it's become a sport. Britney bashing has reached a peak after her performance at VMA. Once again, I have to say to all. Leave her alone. She's only 25 years old. Yes, she needs to get it together. Yes, she probably needs help. But she did not reach her level being totally void of talent. She has stumbled, and she's made mistakes. Who hasn't? But I just can't join in the thrill of the vicious and unrelentless persecution. What about a little compassion? Why are so many people so cruel, or so jealous, or just plain rude. These days the fickle public seems to enjoy destroying people as quickly as they are elevated. I just cannot delight in the pain of others. Nor can I join a club that cheers at the setbacks of others. I find such behavior inhumane and quite sad!!! The state of the world suggests we need more compassion, not less. Some loudly criticizing Britney are hardly winners themselves. I can only imagine how they would look scantily clad on stage in front of millions. For heaven's sakes, she'a young woman whose lived her life in the public eye. To the thousands of Britney haters I say leave her alone, and get a life!

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