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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

9/08/07 "Thanks for the Memories"

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Ahhh...the beauty of youth!!! The Waukesha North High School's Pom Pom Squad graced our studios tonight. The teens are so young, fresh, excited. They have an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. But I have to admit, they triggered a high school flashback for me. You see their uniforms are purple and white. Those were my high school colors. I was never athletic enough to be on the pom pom squad like my sisters. However, I do remember being fully adorned in school pride one year. I wore a purple and white dress to the Homecoming Dance. I even went further. I had purple tights and purple shoes. (How sad..ha..ha!!) My mother curled my hair. I was really excited. I had made arrangements to meet my so called date at the dance. I really did not even know him that well. But somehow, through strange high school repartee' we agreed to meet. By now you can probably guess what happened. Yes, I stood outside of the high school waiting. He was supposed to be there at 8:00 pm. Students were filing in. Those who could drive arrived in style. Suddenly it was 8:15. Nothing!! I'm getting a little nervous. So I wait. Oh he's just a bit late. That happens I tell myself. By 8:30 I am scared. By 8:45 I am upset. By about 9:00 pm, pure panic. He was a no show!! I was all dressed up for the dance with no dance partner. How humiliating! To make matters worse I looked like a plum. Yes, it was a bit overdone. But this was the 70's...ha..ha.!!! Anyhow, I handled it well. I went into the girls bathroom and cried. Then I tried to hide. Like most high school students I thought everyone was looking at me. (Now I know better!) Suddenly, purple pride turned to pandemonium. I temporarily became a lunatic. I certainly could not be seen in public without a date!! Perish the thought! So, in my insanity, I went in the girls bathroom and tried to hide in a stall. That seemed ridiculous after awhile. So in my crazed head I had an idea. Go in front of the high school and hide behind the bushes. Brilliant!! To this day I have no idea why! I crouched down for about ten minutes before I realized I was being an idiot. So I went back into the school and saw my sister who just said..who laughed of course and said who cares? You are in student council, just help me serve punch. We sponsoring the dance. Of course, overcome with teen trauma, bad fashion, and a loss of common sense I said, I simply could not stay. I was too embarrassed. (Fool!!) So, I called my mom, dad picked me up. When I got home, I realized how hilarious it was. Suddenly, my brain started to become lucid again. I realized I was being silly. By the end of the night, I lost my sensitivity and found myself cracking up. Suddenly my entire family had a good laugh about it all. (What a tiny problem in the big picture of life..ha..ha..) Ah yes! Stood up at the Homecoming Dance. A high school memory I will never forget. But that early disappointment only made me stronger. I learned that seeing the humor in humiliation is a great way to dry your tears.

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Milwaukee, WI

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